You have made the wise decision to buy or hire a temporary building, and know where it will be installed, the question is – will planning permission be required?

As with any sizeable structure it is likely that planning permission would be required for a temporary building if it is going to be in situ for more than 28 days. Temporary buildings less than 200m2 may not require planning permission, but this can be dependent on location. For instance if the building is on an industrial estate with no other buildings nearby and no problems with things like vehicle access and turning, then planning permission may not be required, but in other circumstance it will, even for a smaller building. It is always best to check with the relevant authority.

How to get planning permission

It is possible to go it alone and apply for permission yourself, particularly if you have some experience of the process. Some people are more comfortable with undertaking it themselves than others, and prepared for the minor blips that inevitably occur on the way. It is, however, a time consuming process and can use up resources that are better spent elsewhere.

Planning permission service

If you do not feel confident to do it yourself, or don’t have the time then a planning specialist is the answer. Using their expertise can save time and money in the long run and makes sure that the building can be installed without delay.

As a leading temporary building company we offer a planning permission service in conjunction with the planning professionals at Mosaic Town Planning. As their name suggests they are experts in everything to do with planning and are hugely experienced in securing planning permission for temporary buildings. So much so, they don’t generally even have to visit site, but can get all the information they need from a questionnaire, photographs and plans. This in turn keeps costs low and applications quick.

As with all planning matters it is best to seek professional advice to prevent any hiccup in the process, after all, the building is needed for a reason and any delay could be harmful to the business. If you need more information or advice, please contact us.

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