With very feeble growth forecast for 2013 and austerity measures extended now to 2018 businesses must be finding long-term forecasting has become a thing of the past! If the Chancellor cannot forecast accurately, then what chance does the rest of us have? Business solutions that offer low cost, low commitment and low risk combined with choice and flexibility are the order of the day which is why more and more people are choosing temporary buildings over the high investment and binding commitment of permanent structures.

Is it me or has the recent Autumn Statement by the Chancellor seemed like another round of missed targets and broken promises. Any encouraging growth forecasts are now surely going to be taken with a pinch of salt as they always seem to be over optimistic to say the least. Surely businesses just want the real forecasts and figures based on real sums – lower expectations and so less disappointment? Will this keep voters on side though any better than the ever extending austerity measures, now predicted to be in place until 2018?

Unfortunately we are not privy to the calculations that go on behind No 11, but despite the revised feeble growth forecast for 2013 we have to be grateful that our burden is not as heavy as some European counterparts.

For Aganto the recession and laborious climb out of it has brought our temporary buildings more to the forefront of business minds. Inaccurate forecasting from the Government doesn’t do anything to make long-term forecasting easy for any business. What we have found is that businesses who would previously have invested in a permanent building are now hiring or purchasing one of our temporary buildings safe in the knowledge that they can off-hire or re-sell it should the situation change.

More and more often we see our temporary buildings being used as legitimate permanent warehouse, workshop and storage solutions. This does achieve huge cost and time savings for the user, but equally important it means they don’t have to commit long-term. They have multiple options all of which are affordable, fast and simple.

Low commitment, low risk, multiple options and total flexibility provide decent armoury when facing recession, not to mention a chancellor who can’t seem to get his sums right!

Our temporary buildings are transported to site by Aganto and built directly onto level ground in under a week without needing foundations laying. They can be hired and used short term or purchased outright and used as a legitimate alternative to a permanent building. Dismantle, removal, modification and relocation are equally easy, fast and economical.

Please leave a comment below on your opinion or experience of using temporary buildings instead of permanent structures or your opinion of our over optimisic Chancellor!

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