Seeing is believing! Watch an industrial building being built in 4 days.
The idea of building an industrial building brings to mind several months of planning, laying ground-works and constructing a heavy steel framed structure over a long period of headache and disruption.

Park that idea for a minute and imagine an industrial building being installed in just 4 days without needing any kind of ground preparation whatsoever and having no disruption on your operational activity.

This is how temporary industrial buildings are installed and they have to be the quickest industrial building solution available. This fast and simple construction method also allows for easy dismantle which is how these buildings can be hired and where the label ‘temporary’ has grown from. That said, they can be used long term and as a viable alternative to a more traditional permanent industrial building.

So how exactly is this speed achieved? This is something that is very difficult to explain to customers. Its only when they see the actual building being installed that they truely appreciate the simple and fast process. Unfortunately though if you’re watching a building being constructed that means you either work for the company supplying it or you’ve actually bought a temporary industrial building for your business!

Don’t worry, to avoid having to make the investment or rely on a verbal description and imagination, there is now a video which shows in 3D animation and photographic stills this remarkable 4 day build programme of an industrial building. View the video here.

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