Up until recently the fastest way to get industrial building space was by leasing off-site industrial buildings. Anything else usually takes months of design, planning and building. Now there is something else that encompasses the benefits of both solutions – speed, cost, flexibility and remaining on-site.

Aluminium framed industrial buildings provide an industrial building solution that can be transported and delivered to site and installed in under a week. With hire contracts available these industrial buildings can be kept for as long as needed and returned in exactly the same fast and non-disruptive way, but in reverse!

Hard to believe, especially when the commercial benefits of such speed and flexibility start to hit home. Combine this with the huge up-front cost savings compared to a more traditional structure then it become a serious contender for an overall business strategy.

So why aren’t more people using aluminium framed industrial buildings? Two reasons, awareness is still relatively low and secondly, some people who are new to these buildings have a question mark over quality. If they get as far as speaking to a temporary building provider, they will find that these remarkable structures have an indefinite lifespan and meet all the required standards for structural safety – meaning they can legitimately be used as an alternative to a permanent building.

All of which not only makes an aluminium framed industrial building the fastest and most cost-effective way to expand operational space, but potentially the only sensible choice in the uncertain economic climate.

Take a look at this build process video to see how the construction is carried out.

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