8th March 2018

Food Processing Plant Expansion Options

A temporary building can provide the basic environmental and operational conditions needed for the production of safe food by providing cost effective and flexible controlled areas.

Buildings and facilities designed to prevent food processing contamination

Food premises are designed and constructed to minimise the likelihood of contamination of food arising from unnecessary movement of food and personnel within the premises. However food processing is driven by the increased specification demands from large retail customers, the consumer appetite for greater variety and changes in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. This means internal operational space and storage becomes a premium, often resulting in the need for buildings to be altered, extended or external space used for storage of packaging and transport equipment, often compromising on hygiene.

Food processing, production and packaging expansion with a temporary building

Deciding which parts of your food processing operation will need to lend themselves to flexibility is an important consideration. But before the architect puts pencil to blueprint to design you a conventional building solution – consider this: A temporary building can provide a more cost effective and flexible option. Prerequisite food hygiene requirements mean pest control, training areas, good hygiene practice for packaging and transport hygiene should all have a dedicated space protected from the elements. This is where a temporary building can provide you with the ideal, low cost and highly flexible solution.

Benefits of using a temporary building for your food processing expansion

    • Typically 25% of a conventional build cost
      – More affordable and predictable
    • You can buy, lease or short-term rent
      – Timescales can mirror your customer contracts, so zero risk
    • You can move it, expand it or remove it
      – The ultimate in flexibility
    • It has all the basic hygienic requirements as standard
      – Easy to clean smooth walls and non slip floors
    • It can be in stalled in 5 weeks from order
      – Non invasive, so zero disruption to food production

Temporary aircraft hangars have low upfront costs, can be moved, extended and last decades

  • Width up to 30m single span
  • Length unlimited
  • Height up to 6m eave
  • Sliding hangar doors
  • Climate control
  • Power, lighting & heating options
  • Fire suppression systems

A semi-permanent solution designed to last for decades

Whether you are an established food processor with a mix of large and small facilities, or a new fast growing food manufacturer – a temporary building offers you the optimal solution combining best value and flexibility to solve your expansion challenges. It provides increased capacity, maximum utilisation of capital and bottom-line efficiencies which last decades or for the duration of a seasonal peak. A temporary building can provide the link between hygienic storage of equipment, flexible food production and processing, food safety and the success of your company.

Expanding your on-site storage space has never been more simple, cost effective and flexible. It’s often easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone, so if in doubt – please call us on 0808 302 2781.

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