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One of things we have found a supplier audit might pick up on is goods left out in the open, subject to wet damage and waste. Whether you have an audit looming or you’re aware more covered is needed, there is now an easy way to avoid damage, have a happy customer and get full marks on your audit.

Being part of a supply chain could offer you up to customer audits. After all, the provider of the end user product wants to make sure you’re adding and not removing value as the product moves its merry way down to the consumer.

At the same time however you’ve probably got all the necessary quality standards, systems and procedures in place; all given the thumbs up at the onset of your working relationship. So why does your customer now want to freely roam around your site, talking to everyone and following an audit trail?

Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong or you’ve fallen short of requirements. Although improving, times are still tough and very competitive. From your customer’s point of view it must be essential that each member of their supply chain is adding maximum value to their whole product offering. Because if you aren’t, there is someone else out there who will.

For this reason businesses that are in the audit line of fire are coming to us. Why?

Because one of the areas sometimes falling short during audits is goods left out in the open. Whether its pallets, goods, equipment or loading activity, the option to bare all to the elements is becoming unacceptable. And, any amount of waste or damage equally intolerable.

It’s a logical assumption you’re storing outside because you’ve run out of covered space so how do you get more. Quickly, easy and economically? Is that even possible?

Yes it is. An aluminium framed temporary building can be built directly onto hard ground in just 4 days. This means no ground preparation needed. Not even a concrete slab. Which in turn means fast, easy and economical. All well and good, but are these structures up to the job? And, will your customer approve of how their goods are being protected?

Aluminium framed temporary buildings can be built as a stand-alone unit or linked to your warehouse or production building. The latter keeping the operational flow efficient and goods dry at all times, during transit around the site and in storage.

Although an aluminium temporary building is lightweight it’s not a tent. It’s a fully calculated industrial building that meets the required British Standards for snow and wind loadings. Meaning?

Temporary buildings can be used long-term and instead of traditional steel or bricks and mortar. Alternatively, they can be hired as an interim measure.

So if you have a customer audit looming or you know you need to get covered, add temporary aluminium buildings to your list of possible solutions. Yes, they are quick, easy and economical. But, equally important they are fit for purpose and will get a tick on audit day.

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