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If you’re new to temporary structures its hard to envisage the quality and durability of them. The best way to overcome this is to see a structure in operation. What’s the easiest way to do this though and what will you gain from it?

One of the things that surprises our customers the most is actually seeing an industrial temporary structure in use. Photographs and the written or spoken word don’t seem to convey the quality and effectiveness of them.

Maybe this is because the word temporary has already, incorrectly, created a negative perception. Either way, if you’re thinking about temporary structures for your business it’s a good idea to go and see one in operation first.

How to see temporary structures in operation?

We can arrange this for you. Depending on where you are in the country, we should have temporary structures you can go and see on one of our existing client’s sites. We find that our clients are not only more than happy to let people come to see the building but they are also very willing to discuss how it has worked for them and helped their business.

Your Aganto project manager will usually go with you on the visit, or we can arrange for you to go on your own; whatever your preference really. Obviously we can’t always take you to see a structure that perfectly matches the specification you are considering but you will still get a lot from the visit. Primarily, it’s going to give you confidence in our buildings and confidence in us; something that we wouldn’t expect you to order an industrial structure without.The other thing that surprises people is the fast installation process of a temporary structure. Again images and words don’t really capture just how easy, fast and non-disruptive this method of construction really is.

How can you see a temporary structure being built?

This one is obviously a bit trickier as you can only really see your own temporary structure being built! You can talk to our existing clients on a site visit or on the phone/email who would be happy to vouch for the construction process and we would be happy to arrange this.

Alternatively, you can view our installation video. This breaks down the 4 day build process, day by day showing which elements are constructed in what order and how.

Crucially though with the construction it’s important to remember that you don’t need to lay any foundations. You’re temporary structure can be built directly onto existing hard ground and it’s this that creates the ease, simplicity and speed.

To learn more about our industrial temporary structures click here, or call today on 01635 202 979 to arrange a visit.

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