Ground preparation for prefabricated buildings

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What kind of foundations or ground preparation do prefabricated buildings need? And, are there any prefabricated buildings that don’t need any and can be built onto existing surfaces?

Ground-works can be an essential thorn in the side of any prefabricated building project. Time, budget and hassle all escalate and the project suddenly becomes larger than anticipated; in every way.

Any soft ground will need foundations laying, regardless of the type of building. And, most steel buildings will need foundations regardless of the ground conditions because of the weight. If you are using a steel prefabricated building it’s always useful to use a supplier who can also arrange the ground preparation on your behalf. That way you know it’s the correct specification for the building.

Often it can be something as simple as a concrete slab for a steel building which is designed around the loadings of the building. For businesses that have an unforeseen or urgent need for extra space and a prefabricated building, the option to wait for even the most basic of ground-works may not be feasible. So, are there any industrial buildings out there that don’t need any foundations?

What prefabricated buildings don’t need foundations?

Aluminium prefabricated buildings generally don’t. And, the reason for this is obvious. They aren’t as heavy as steel so don’t need the same kind of weight bearing.

So, what kind of ground preparation is needed for an aluminium building? Broadly, you could answer that with ‘none’, but needs and situations vary enormously, so sometimes there is. But, it’s minimal.

Depending on what you need the building for, you may choose to level out an unlevel site. Operational buildings such as workshops, packaging or production would obviously need a level surface, or buildings to house large equipment. Public buildings such as a retail unit or a classroom would also need to have any uneven ground levelled before any installation. Alternatively, however it might just be a preference for a level site.

Can prefabricated buildings be built on unlevel ground?

However, if you do have unlevel ground, an aluminium prefabricated building can still be built directly onto it.

So, if you have level hard ground space or unlevel and you just don’t mind, then what other ground preparation is needed for an aluminium prefabricated building?

You obviously need to clear the area. Make sure any current use can be accommodated elsewhere. You then need to make sure the area is surveyed by your chosen building supplier and that you check for any under or over ground services that may be affected by the build process. And, it’s that simple.

So, in retrospect you might say it’s inaccurate to say no ground preparation is needed for any kind of prefabricated building. But, it is accurate to say that in the main, you don’t need to lay any foundations for an aluminium building. Which, happily, would then see your time, budget and hassle plummet.

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