Healthy savings, healthy sales

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It’s often said that temporary storage buildings can be used long-term but when, why and how successfully have they? Travis Perkins, leading supplier to the UK building industry, has found this out thirteen times over.

Given their label it’s easy to forget that temporary storage buildings can be used long-term. And, that many businesses are now using them instead of a more permanent or traditional building.

Travis Perkins is one such company who have opted to use Aganto temporary storage buildings at many of their branches. By avoiding the large and binding commitment of a permanent building they are achieving many cost saving advantages.

Have these savings come at a price though in terms of efficiency, quality or sales volume?

Temporary storage buildings proven thirteen times over

Travis Perkins has purchased and is using thirteen Aganto storage buildings throughout various UK branches. Mainly for storage, but others for recycling or trading. And, it’s now been proven that the Aganto storage buildings offer major cost and time savings that don’t come with a price.

Analyses by the company has shown that the strategy to use Aganto storage buildings over permanent buildings doesn’t have any negative effect on sales volume.

With this analyses under their belts the company took their building strategy one stage further and opened up the doors of an Aganto storage building to their customers.

Healthy savings, healthy sales

When purchasing a new site there would typically be a trading unit already in place for Travis Perkins to use.

When they acquired a new site at Fakenham however they needed to install their own building.

With Aganto temporary buildings proven for storage, they took the leap and purchased a building that would be open to customers for trade. This meant, many additions including corporate branding.

A proven strategy with temporary storage buildings

During this and other building projects, Aganto worked closely with the company’s Group Building Surveyor, Graham Lund.

Graham’s overriding feedback on the Fakenham project and the other temporary storage building installations was they were receiving the same results as a more traditional building and achieving major savings in the process. With those savings significant in time as well as cost, any returns were coming in much faster.

Low investment plus fast, high returns equals business success.

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