How fast is fast enough?

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When it comes to fire, flood or weather damage to buildings, fast needs to be instant. Failure to get warehousing, production or trading back up to 100% capacity within a few weeks could mean business failure. Temporary structures have been proven in this area yet again when Waterways Garden Centre lost their main trading buildings to snow damage. Not only has the Aganto temporary structures kept them open and trading but they are now considering exchanging it for a larger more permanent Aganto building as a longer term plan. Read more about the Waterways project and why emergency temporary structures are so effective.

When it comes to fire, flood or other major damage to buildings, then recovery needs to be lightening fast. The whole business survival depends on it.

We came across a similar situation recently when Waterways Garden Centre in Wrexham enquired about an emergency temporary structure for retail after their existing facilities had suffered from snow damage. We had a new retail building with them, installed and ready to use within two weeks. This is fast, but not a record for Aganto. We have been known to have an emergency temporary structure installed after one week from initial enquiry.

How a temporary structures can help

This sounds like bragging, but it’s not. There is nothing more important to businesses that have lost some or all of their warehouse building or retail unit to get the space they need fast so operations or trading can begin again. Once they know production is continuing, orders are still going out or customers are still visiting and buying, they can then start on the long-term recovery process.

The main event that causes us to step into emergency response mode is warehouse fire. Through electrical failure, human error or arson, warehouse fires cause destruction and devastation to a business. The ability to have a new temporary warehouse structure installed on-site in under a week means any undamaged goods can be re-housed quickly and new stock bought in. Operations can then begin again at full strength.

It’s not just the quick response that’s important either, it’s the quality of temporary structures being installed. They have to do the job. Sensitive or chilled goods still need a temperature controlled environment and the public still need a safe, comfortable building to shop it, albeit temporarily.

Emergency temporary structures that don’t compromise on quality

A good example of how the quality and customised features of large temporary structures can be retained is when we provide temporary fire stations during rebuild projects. These buildings aren’t provided in an emergency, although ironically they will be used for emergency response! Rather they are used temporarily while the rebuild projects are carried out. There is absolutely no room for compromise or error though on these temporary fire station structures as lives could potentially be put at risk if the emergency response wasn’t operating at 100%.

So, although provided quickly in an emergency, these Aganto temporary structures are fit for purpose and can be used indefinitely until long-term plans have been secured.

Waterways initially hired their temporary retail structure but now, after using it successfully for 3 months, are considering purchasing a much larger building for permanent use. Turning to Aganto in their time of need seemed to solve their short term crisis and now longer term plans.

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