Prefabricated buildings that can be installed without needing pre-laid foundations require minimal time, labour and equipment creating major up-front and ongoing cost savings. Often it is buildings engineered from lightweight aluminium that can be anchored into the ground as opposed to built on foundations. This benefit however has sometimes been their undoing leading to perceptions of inferior quality, but this is far from the truth.Before we can answer this we need to be looking at the types of prefabricated buildings that have fast and easy installation processes as this is where some of the major up-front and ongoing savings can be found.

Prefabricated buildings or tents?

If you can find a building that doesn’t need to be built onto pre-laid foundations then you could confidently start planning how to reinvest the savings. Buildings that can be erected onto existing level ground are often engineered from lighter materials such as aluminium instead of steel. In-fact, the installation method used for aluminium prefabricated buildings is the same as a modern clean span marquee. Because of this it’s important to check that you are not being conned into a building that was a marquee in a previous life as it probably won’t meet British Standards for structural safety.

Aluminium prefabricated buildings flex their muscles

Aluminium buildings however are engineered from a different profile so the highly anti corrosive frame is much stronger than a marquee and can withstand the UK’s maximum snow and wind loadings. As well as this strength is found in its ability to flex against impact and loads. Despite this extra strength these buildings still retain the lightweight qualities making it possible to anchor the frame into the ground, a process which requires minimal time, labour and equipment.

The lightweight qualities and simple modular design also ensures easy UK wide and global, if required, transportation. Aluminium prefabricated buildings can obviously be purchased but the ability to dismantle and remove them means suppliers can offer hire contracts ensuring buildings never have to stand empty draining resources.

Having a building installed on site only a week before deciding you need it will create much faster returns particularly if the extra space was needed for temporary or permanent business growth opportunities.

Are we now ready for aluminium prefabricated buildings?

Many businesses have taken a while to warm up to the benefits of using aluminium buildings as opposed to steel, possibly due to an incorrect perception of inferior quality. As we stay firmly in the grips of economic uncertainty however more and more businesses are reassessing their views on prefabricated buildings and taking advantage of these unique structures and the many savings they can bring.

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