5th May 2018

How much does it cost to build a warehouse?

If you’re researching the costs of building a warehouse, you may want to consider a semi-permanent warehouse as an option – because when you get the same space for approximately 25% of the cost – it’s difficult to see why you’d go the conventional route.

Build a warehouse at 25% of the cost with a temporary warehouse from Aganto

If your proposed warehouse is an addition or extension to your existing facilities – there is probably a better, more cost efficient build solution than the conventional build process. A modern constructed temporary warehouse has many advantages to its conventionally constructed equivalent. The build costs are just one. And because it’s semi-permanent – the functionality you require from a warehouse will not be compromised.

Have you thought about the increase in your rateable value?

A temporary warehouse is, in some circumstances exempt from rates. But if not, it’s very likely the rateable value will be much lower than a conventionally constructed warehouse. This is because its freestanding and relocatable. It’s highly likely the rateable value assessed by your local authority will be significantly less than a conventionally built industrial unit. This is because it can easily be removed re-erected and reused elsewhere.

Can you get flexible payment options on the cost of your new warehouse build?

A temporary warehouse can be purchased new or if you want to bag yourself a bargain, it could be previously owned – either way you can get finance to spread the costs. Alternatively just as you might lease any other piece of operational equipment, you can lease the temporary warehouse. Possibly providing additional tax or cashflow benefits. If you’re not sure, you can rent short-term and road test the temporary warehouse.

At Aganto, we offer the ability to hire your temporary warehouse to provide you with a short-term and cost-effective way to expand your existing space.

Are the warehouse build costs and installation timescales fixed?

If you’ve ever commissioned any type of conventional building works you will have experienced both the price creep and timescale stretch. This can be anything from the wrong type of ground to adverse weather conditions – whatever the reason, it’s likely the build schedule and costs are only ever a guide provided by your chosen contractor. Because the temporary warehouse is prefabricated, the build process and costs are 100% predictable. Typically you will have your warehouse building up and ready within 5 weeks, but with Aganto, we can install your new warehouse in a matter of days!

How easy is it to extend your warehouse if you need more space?

It’s inevitable at some point you are likely to need more space, whether a seasonal peak, a specific contract win or organic growth. Extending a conventional warehouse is a disruptive process, which takes time and significant financial investment. With a temporary warehouse you can have an extension in days. You could even rent the additional prefabricated roof, floor and wall units for the specific period you need the extra space – then retract to the original building size when the seasonal peak or one off contract is finished.

How long do temporary warehouse buildings last?

The life expectancy is measured in decades and the strong and durable aluminium frame comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Key features of temporary industrial units

    • Strong and durable aluminium frame
    • Use long-term in place of a permanent building – 10 year guarantee
    • Robust and weather proof (snow and wind loadings to BS6399)
    • Roof, wall and floor systems conform to British Fire & Safety codes
    • Easy to extend, modify, dismantle or relocate
    • Coloured roof and wall options
    • PVC roof provides a high degree of natural light
    • Lighting, heating options plus a full electrical fit out service
    • Fire suppression options
    • Mezzanine options

Insulated Warehouse Range of Temporary Buildings

If you need a temperature controlled warehouse, then our Insulated range of temporary warehouse buildings are for you. Available in days and for as long as you need, these prefabricated semi-permanent warehouses are ideal for temperature controlled storage and chilled warehousing.

Insulated Warehouse Range of Temporary Buildings

  • Installed on-site in under a week, without needing any groundworks
  • Can be used short-term or long-term instead of a permanent building
  • Range of sizes and specifications: 3m – 6m eave height, 5m – 30m width with unlimited length
  • Choice of wall and roof cladding for basic wet weather protection through to a heated or chilled warehouse building
  • Options for electrical fit out, generators, heavy duty mobile heaters and LED lighting
  • Can be linked to existing buildings

Short delivery, no groundworks, relocatable and in all sizes – with power, light and heat

Affordable temporary warehouse turn-key solutions can be assembled and operational within days. They can be erected on a variety of surfaces because the unique and non-disruptive method of construction involves anchoring the buildings down to existing hard ground using base plates and ground anchors. This can be asphalt, concrete or gravel without the additional need for foundation work, provided the ground is firm and reasonably level.

Expanding your on-site storage space has never been more simple, cost effective and flexible. It’s often easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone, so if in doubt – get in touch to find out more about how much it costs to build a warehouse, click here

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