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How long does it take to build a temporary building?

The fast turnaround is a real advantage of using temporary industrial buildings. What are the lead and build times though and how does buying new or hiring from stock affect them? And, what is it about the installation process that makes them so quick, easy and economical?

The answer to this question obviously depends on what type of temporary building you are using. For this article we are considering industrial aluminium framed buildings that are typically used for warehousing, workshops and loading. And, because they are made from lightweight aluminium speed is definitely something they score highly on.

Lead times

Before we look at the building process however it’s worth considering the actual lead times for hiring or buying a temporary building.

Hiring a building can mean you get one very quickly, but this depends on whether or not your chosen supplier has it in stock. If it is in stock then it’s simply a matter of signing contracts and agreeing an installation date, which could literally be straight away.

In the case of an urgent need such as a warehouse fire, being able to have a temporary building from stock could be the key to business survival. Other urgent needs such as large unforeseen orders would also benefit from having a hire stock building, enabling you to quickly capitalise on growth.

If it isn’t in stock then the building will need to be manufactured from order. This probably won’t affect the price you pay, but will change the lead time, which would also apply to a temporary building that you wanted to buy.

Build times

This is where temporary buildings come into their own. The build process for a standard temporary warehouse building typically takes 4 or 5 days and is remarkably easy, economical and non-disruptive. For many business scenarios, these benefits can make a big difference to bottom line profit.


What makes it so quick?

Going back to the beginning, the aluminium frame is one of the key contributors to this fast installation process.

Being considerably lighter than steel it’s much easier to handle, transport and install. As well as this though it doesn’t need the same kind of load bearing as steel so no foundations or ground preparation is needed. In fact, all that’s needed is an existing hard surface the size of the building you require. All of this also means minimal labour and equipment keeping costs low.

How long does it take to build a temporary building?

Whether you choose to hire or purchase a temporary building or have one from stock you are always going to be looking at a fast turnaround time that won’t impact on your daily operation. At worst you could be looking at four or five weeks. At best four or five days.

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