In a nutshell, as temporary as you want…

How long can they be used for?

Temporary buildings can be used for three months, three years or, in many cases, as a legitimate alternative to a more permanent solution. They have a design life of fifteen years, but the only area you might see wear after this time is some of the roof panels which can be easily replaced.

We have many customers ringing in and, after being looked after by the sales team, technical manager and later the installation team, are often surprised at how ‘un-temporary’ the Aganto temporary buildings are! “Much sturdier than I thought,” was a recent ringing testimonial, and the majority are encouraged and enthused about exactly how long the Aganto buildings have a life span for.

Almost ambiguous in the description, a huge proportion of Aganto’s temporary building projects are hired over many years- exactly the same benefit as a traditional permanent-or fixed-storage space/warehouse; no massive outright investment, but with a degree of flexibility. The ability to de-rig buildings and re-locate them, all with the same sense of speed, cost-effectiveness and degree of professionalism, is a huge benefit to Aganto and more importantly, the customers.

So why are they called temporary?

The lightweight aluminium frame can be anchored down to level hard standing without needing any ground-works. This allows buildings to be installed and dismantled in days, making them ideal for temporary hire contracts as well as purchase. This makes it so easy for businesses to choose the time they require the building. Whether it is 24 months or 10 years, temporary buildings are as temporary as you the customer desires.

Does temporary mean inferior quality?

Absolutely not! We proudly meet all the required structural British Standards for snow and wind loadings and many in situ for over twenty years- that is pretty long term!

What’s the advantage of using a temporary building?

Fast, affordable, non-disruptive and flexible- the perfect solution in today’s economy- and the Great British notoriously erratic weather!

For more information on the benefits of temporary buildings, call one of our dedicated sales managers or contact us.