Installing new buildings on site often means they need to be integrated with existing handling and storage processes and the ability to link buildings to existing structures becomes important. Can temporary storage buildings be effectively linked in this manner? Read more about how to link temporary buildings and the benefits in this post.

If you need more storage or operational space it often helps to have it on site. Leasing off-site space is always an option, but could impact on lead times and transport costs. Different types of industrial storage buildings can be installed onto site and many can be linked to permanent buildings. This integrates the new building with existing handling and storage processes, keeping operations tight and goods dry at every stage. Can temporary storage buildings be linked though and how effective is this when they are?

Yes temporary buildings for storage or any other use can be linked together or to existing facilities. This is more of a project based requirement however and you may find that some suppliers won’t do it down to a lack of skill or equipment.

There are some requirements however when a link is almost vital. Loading bay canopies for example are almost always needed to be linked to an existing warehouse storage building as the whole objective is to keep goods dry and protected. In turn this avoids the negative impact of wet damage such as waste, insurance claims, higher premiums and potential loss of customer or hub membership.

Storage buildings can also be easily linked to permanent warehouse buildings providing a warehouse extension during periods of growth. Either complete buildings or canopies that can act as holding areas which in turn frees up space in the warehouse for additional stock.

So if you’re hiring a temporary storage building what happens to the link when the building is dismantled. Just that. The link is easily dismantled along with the building. In fact, you wouldn’t know either had been there in the first place.

This ability to provide weather proof links is something Aganto has developed over time. Our two senior site managers have over thirty years experience between them in installing temporary structures and storage buildings literally all over the world. This skill and experience enables them to adapt standard practices to more tailor made solutions that are safe and fit for purpose. Ensuring all temporary storage buildings can be integrated into existing operational processes as required.

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