With the completion of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 changed the world permanently. Consumers were forced to change the way they shopped, and businesses faced unprecedented levels of uncertainty.

The onset of Covid-19, resulted in the closure of non-essential shops, with online shopping reaching peak levels since the onset of the internet. The high demand meant businesses needed to find additional storage space for large quantities of stock, and fast.

In addition to this, in early 2020, the UK was negotiating the final terms of Brexit. While key negotiations were ongoing, UK-based businesses continued to produce goods, resulting in longer times spent in storage, on-site and at ports and airports awaiting export.

Data from property consultancy and estate agent Savills has stated that more than 50.5 million sq ft of new space was leased in 2020, which is 12 million more than the previous record year in 2016.

Under the increased financial pressure of Covid-19, temporary buildings came into their own.

Aganto customers achieve up to 70% in cost savings when buying a temporary building as an alternative to a permanent building. To make the storage more cost-effective, they can also hire the buildings to reduce their long-term liabilities.

The additional benefits of temporary buildings are that they can be installed and easily relocated, making them suitable for short or long-term use. By choosing an Aganto temporary structure, companies can quickly increase operational capacity or on-site storage space with minimal cost, delay and disruption. As business needs change, a temporary building can also be dismantled, re-located, or taken off hire.

Engineered from a lightweight but robust aluminium frame, temporary buildings are durable, quick and easy to transport and install, and provide excellent quality and unbeatable value for money. Although referred to as temporary buildings, Aganto structures can be used as a long-term solution and are much more cost-effective than a traditional building construction.

In early 2020, one of Aganto’s long-term customers was preparing for the December 2020 Brexit deadline. They hired a 15m x 15m x 4.2m building with an insulated roof and sandwich clad walls. The building was anchored directly on concrete and fitted with 2 electric roller shutter doors and a pedestrian fire door. Once planning was approved, the installation was carried out by Aganto’s in-house Site Engineers in just three days, with the electrical fit out and lighting completed on day four.

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