Simple solutions are often overlooked because they are, well, too simple to be any good? Simple is often the best way though for so many business scenarios (and personal but that’s another post..) and our recent industrial canopy project proved it.

Industrial canopy needed for wet weather protection

Haddonstone is a leading manufacturer of garden ornaments and building materials. At their site in Northampton the cast stone moulds were often too wet to use for production as they were stored outside.

We supplied them a really simple, fast and economical industrial canopy solution to cover the moulds that was built between their warehouse and production building. Overnight the production process was more efficient with significant time and money being saved.

Just how simple is a simple industrial canopy?

Industrial canopy buildings like this can be easily built in under a week. This fast installation time using a process that requires no groundworks keeps labour and material costs extremely low.

Equally the low spec used for Aganto’s industrial canopy buildings is simple and economical consisting of non-insulated wall and roof cladding and no door requirement. In the case of Haddonstone, a wall bay was left open on each side of the building to allow for fork lift access to and from the existing facilities and from one side of the yard to the other.

Simple is as simple does in case of the industrial canopy?

So, simple isn’t always as simple does, as this basic industrial canopy building has proved. And, going back to simplifying our personal lives maybe less gidgets, gadgets, widgets, devices and the increasing world domination of digital and now social would slow everything down a bit and give us all a bit of peace and tranquillity (slight hypocrisy there I know as I finish my latest blog post).

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