Industrial units usually bring to mind a static industrial unit on an industrial estate with space to lease for warehousing. Ideally close to your own site to keep transport costs and hassle low. Now there is another type of industrial unit which can be available immediately, but more importantly located anywhere you want.
Aluminium framed industrial units are lightweight creating ease of transport and installation, but also very strong ensuring durability and an indefinite lifespan. Because the core frame is light the buildings can be installed in days by bolting down to level hard standing. The lightweight qualities also allow the unit to flex, creating added stability over similar structures engineered from steel.

Portable industrial units come in varying sizes and degrees of insulation, ensuring the same result as leasing an industrial unit off site, but with the huge advantages of remaining on site!

The quick and non-disruptive installation method has allowed suppliers of these industrial units to offer hire contracts that include transport to site, installation and dismantle when the unit is not longer required.

With outright purchase also an option, these industrial units (sometimes referred to as temporary buildings) are truly flexible in every way and certainly on the move to becoming the no 1 choice for UK industry.

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