It’s a winning team for temporary structures

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Aganto is a compact but very strong team within the temporary structures industry. This is one of the key elements to our success. What are the best ways of creating and retaining a small strong team?

Aganto as a temporary structures business is going from strength to strength and one of the key reasons for this is the team of people who make up Aganto. To make this team so strong there are several factors but what are they and why are they so critical to creating such a powerful and dynamic unit?

Finding people within the temporary structures industry is something that has helped. People known to us with a proven track record of knowledge, experience, ability and diligence. All of those credentials are important but diligence is key. Someone has to be able to care about the business. Essentially the customers, but also the overall growth, success and reputation of the company.

When you’re selling temporary structures there is really no room for error, so again a diligent and conscientious person who takes pride in doing something to the best of their ability every time is key for us. A temporary structure that has weeks worth of snagging issues is no good for our customers who are working to right deadlines.

We are also not shy about going out and finding people as opposed to letting them find us. And, when this is undertaken it’s a good idea to know exactly what we need in terms of the person and the role they will be fulfilling. We find its good to hire someone who we feel can fit in with our culture as opposed to the one with the highest qualifications. The latter can be changed relatively easily, whereas the former maybe prove impossible to change.

Now, with the compact but highly talented team that is Aganto, we are in a very strong position within the temporary structures industry. But, any strong team can start to disintegrate, so how do we keep team Aganto strong and motivated?

All members of a small team should be able to keep good connections and communication between each team member and management. A communication steam that runs both ways from the bottom up and top down. Everyone counts and everyone is listened too.

We also find that working as a compact team means we can move quickly, making the right decisions swiftly and accurately without having to negotiated the multiple bureaucratic layers and barriers often found in a large company.

Lastly, we notice, appreciate and reward the good work our team does in providing and installing temporary structures. We’ve got them and we want to keep them.

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