Great news in the local press last week that the newly rebuilt Longton Community Fire Station is now open with new amenities including training facilities, specialist vehicles and rooms for community groups, allowing the crew to respond to emergencies in record time.
Aganto have a long standing relationship with a number of Staffordshire-based fire stations who choose Aganto’s temporary buildings in the interim, while the fire station are undergoing major refurbishments. Part of a county-wide PFI initiative, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service successfully secured funding for the rebuilding and redevelopment of seven existing fire stations, underpinned by a key vision for safety and the wider community. Indeed, the new fire stations are focused on being more community-spirited than previously, with additional space to accommodate meetings and workshops.

Choosing to work with Aganto due to their wealth of experience and knowledge, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service commissioned nine Aganto structures in total for temporary fire stations across the county. Aganto supported and facilitated the service’s priority and vision, to make Staffordshire ‘the safest place to be.’

It was imperative for the safety of the public, that there was no wait or delay in installing the Aganto structures. During the demolitions of the permanent stations, the temporary structures had to remain on site and able to be fully operational whilst the refurbishments were carried out. Fire fighting equipment and clothing also needed to be stored on-site ready for emergency call outs.

Future Continuity Plans

Fire and rescue services from other regions have expressed an interest in the use of Aganto temporary buildings, with many looking to incorporate the use of temporary accommodation into future continuity plans. With lives at risk should a fire station ever be affected by flooding, fire or other disasters, the fire services can be reassured that a temporary fire station can be erected quickly, fully operational, and available for the amount of time needed to rebuild the station itself.

Community Spirit

Aganto is extremely proud of the strong relationship with fire services across Staffordshire and beyond. Aganto worked closely with the fire services to develop any additional features to meet their level of service requirements, including appliance bays, Aganto’s specialist rapid rise doors with traffic light systems and a link through to portable cabin structures that provide training, rest and the all important community areas. Aganto is a fully-fledged supporter of the fire services across the country; the experience of multiple fire station projects, coupled with Aganto’s industry leading knowledge of temporary buildings, is why they are consistently chosen to lead these projects across the country. If you would like any further information on these projects, please contact us.

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