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Industry today has come a long way. There is light at the end of the tunnel, ploughing us through the depths of the recession. Thanks to the stalwarts of industry, and the backbone of the UK’s economy, slowly but surely the tide is turning.
Aganto is proud of our customers who have stoically battled through tough economic times, and a frenetic post-modern world, to experience growth, resurgence and a revitalised business climate.

They are getting busier, and so are we.

Logistics, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and many more are all needing Aganto buildings to cope with ever-increasing demands on space and storage solutions. In particular, with our society choosing omni-channel retailers with the boom of internet shopping, logistics organisations are more and more turning to Aganto due to their seasonal demand for coverage, storage and canopies.

Aganto temporary buildings are installed with ease, speed and importantly, care. By the nature of what we do, Aganto buildings are appropriate for our customers’ needs and requirements suiting their end times and quick turnover in production.

We can help with planning permission issues, work to your timelines and your technical specifications. Our solutions are bespoke to your company; flexible, versatile and increasingly featuring extras such as flooring and insulation. We understand service expectations are higher- we strive to evolve and make ours too, learning from you.

Honest, open and approachable, our directors and teams at Madeley and Hermitage, will ensure your company gets exactly what you asked for. Our small size is also one of our strengths; no robots or corporate jargon here. Like Ronseal, we do exactly what it says on the tin…

The country is booming, infrastructure starting to be rebuilt, haulage and transport crucial to the veins of the country. We are UK owned, and work with some of the biggest British organisations in the country, along with the myriad of SMEs who are undoubtedly the foundation of UK economy.

With expansion plans of our own, Aganto is proud to be the UK’s leading supplier of temporary structure buildings. With our operations HQ being based in the Potteries, the ceramic heartland, we are only too aware of the struggle many companies have faced during these tough economic times. With resurgence in exports, re-shoring and reinvesting in local communities, Aganto is experiencing a boom of our own and looking forward to even more exciting times, challenges and developments in the New Year.

We know that if you guys are busy, so too is the country’s economy.

Industry – we salute you!

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