If things are getting a bit tight in your existing warehouse, you might be looking for additional warehouse space.
Traditionally businesses have sourced warehouse space off site, leasing space in large industrial units. This is great as once you have found the right amount of warehouse space in the right location you’re good to go, no waiting around for a lengthy drawn out and expensive build programme.

What if you could have the same speed though and keep the additional warehouse space on site? Not only would transport costs be kept down, but traceability of stock and customers lead times can all be kept tight and efficient.

So how do you get additional fast, on-site warehouse space? Aluminum framed buildings are the answer and still a relatively new answer so not enough people are yet benefitting.

Temporary Warehouse – fast additional on-site spaceAluminum framed buildings are lightweight structures which are easy to transport and install (no ground-works needed), but are also extremely durable with an indefinite lifespan and meeting required British Standards for structural safety. These hugely cost-effective and flexible structures are helping businesses time and time again when additional warehouse space is needed quickly and ideally on site. With the added benefit of being able to hire or purchase these buildings (often referred to as temporary buildings) for warehouse space, they are also a perfect solution in the rocky economy, keeping risk and long-term investment low.

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