Can a picture tell a thousand words? How important do you think professional and original photographs are for your business. For temporary warehouses and industrial buildings we couldn’t be without them. This post considers why professional photographs are necessary for most businesses and what is best to avoid.

No matter what you’re selling, whether it’s thousands of widgets and gadgets through to temporary warehouses, industrial buildings or a service don’t underestimate the power of photographs. And, more importantly, the power of good quality professional photographs unique to your business.

Quality photographs are much easier to take in and remember that words. And, people like images because it means speed. If a picture truly encapsulates the next 200 words, then they don’t have to spend five minutes reading and digesting those words.

Your prospects could be making sub-conscious decisions early on in your buying process on the basis of your marketing photographs and how they stand up to the competition. Outside shots taken on a dull grey day don’t stand a chance of competing with blue skies, good light and a skilled operator.

With our industrial temporary warehouses, it’s imperative that we photograph on good weather days. The shots we get are so far superior to a grey day’s photography shoot, changing what could be perceived as a dull industrial shed into a contemporary, clean and quality temporary warehouse. All of which helps take the prospect on to the next stage of our enquiry process and encourage them to see an operational building for themselves.

In reality the temporary warehouse buildings are representative of their blue sky image, but capturing the reality of something on camera is the trick.

Even if you don’t have products to shoot, but are offering a service, photographs of your staff, business premises and customers all go to creating a professional image and feeling of ease and trust with your prospects. Real images that make your business real and give it personality; see look, we are real, we do exist! And don’t we look professional, approachable and helpful!

And, whatever you do, don’t use stock photographs, especially for people shots. This is a personal gripe and obviously many would advocate using them. To me it’s a lazy and cheap option that won’t do much for your marketing results in the long run. And, it’s something that prospects and customers can usually spot. A mile off.

As a last point if your marketing delves into the realms of social media, which most do nowadays, pictures are easy to share and people seem to like interacting with them because they are instant, visual and (hopefully) memorable.

With our temporary industrial warehouses I’ve shown the difference between amateur shots on a grey day to professional shots on a blue sky day. Don’t really need to say anything else. The pictures do the talking.

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