Installing a prefabricated building needs to be done in line with strict health and safety standards; not just ours either, but those that are unique to a particular site or company. We know our Site Managers and Crews can do this, but how do you until you see them on site? How do you put your trust in us when we say we will deliver a building installation to the highest safety and quality standards?

One of the things that surprises most of our customers is the ease and speed with which our prefabricated buildings are installed. Yes, much of this is due to the design and construction method, but we are blessed with a site management team that is one of the best in the business.

The actual construction process along with health and safety procedures isn’t always discussed much during the estimating stage of a project, as many people are considering the type of prefabricated building and the cost. It is however of extreme importance and something you must check with your chosen supplier early on.

Safe buildings from an expert team

Aganto’s site management team is made up of several Site Managers who manage each build project on-site.

The team have decades of experience in the prefabricated buildings and temporary structures industry, both in the UK and overseas. One of the areas they excel at is meeting the on-site safety requirements of individual companies which can vary.

Working on different sites such as power stations, food manufacturers, MOD, or other government sites can all present different safety criteria for our teams to meet. Many businesses feed back to us that not only do we adhere to these with ease, but we are often one of the few contractors they work with who do.

When we worked for RWE npower at Didcot B power station their Engineering Maintenance Manager said this about us: “Choosing a new contractor is always a challenge as we have such strict health and safety policies. Aganto, however, met our requirements with ease and if all our contractors worked as quickly and professionally as them our lives would be a lot easier!” This was a compliment indeed as the standards needed for this type of environment were, quite rightly, very high.

Working with construction companies also needs high levels of adherence which impressed Thomas Vale Construction when we worked with them on a temporary fire station project for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. For so many reasons there was absolutely no room for any error or delay on this build and our standards were noted by the Project Manager: “During the operational delivery of a temporary building Aganto always supply meticulous Method Statements and Risk Assessments as well as ensuring full compliance with Health & Safety legislation at every phase of the build process.”

Safe and secure prefabricated buildings, every time all the time

It’s not just these two jobs that stand out though. When we do our project reviews with customers the feedback on our site team is nothing other than excellent. Which, at the end of the day, is exactly what it should be as we are, after all, constructing buildings and not installing a new photocopier!

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