Protecting your goods

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Protection from the elements when moving goods from the warehouse for transportation is an important part of the logistics process. Keeping goods dry before they arrive at the customer’s door prevents unnecessary damage claims and harm to customer relations. The answer is to use a commercial canopy which can give cover to goods, vehicles and personnel.

What are commercial canopies?

A canopy is a structure that extends from the warehouse and could consist only of a roof for overhead protection or it could have walls for all round shelter. This sort of covering is a simple extension of the loading area and as no doors or insulation are normally required these structures are cost effective.

Commercial canopies come in a variety of shapes and sizes from a small retractable building to a large structure to accommodate the large double deck trailers which are being increasingly utilised in the logistics industry.

Commercial canopy uses

Any business involved in transporting goods which have to be loaded and unloaded has to ensure there is no wet damage as this could lead to the goods being scrapped and result in possible insurance claims. The implications from incidents like this may mean higher ongoing insurance costs as well as customer dissatisfaction resulting in lost sales.

In the logistics network these days, smaller loads are often combined together via a pallet network which means hauliers can offer a nationwide service at a competitive cost. As a member of a network of this type an individual haulier cannot afford to have any wet damage to the goods in transit, as any problems with the quality of goods being delivered would be detrimental to their membership of the network, and potentially the company’s future viability.

Commercial canopy options

For an even more cost-effective commercial canopy many businesses are opting for a demountable structure which is available for hire or sale and can be relocated. Although the need for wet weather protection is often a long-term one and the hire options are rarely used, the fast installation method provides many benefits including minimal labour costs.

Re-locatable commercial canopies are often engineered using an aluminium frame which is lightweight but highly portable and extremely resilient. These particular canopy structures can be anchored down to level hard standing and don’t need any type of extra foundation laying. When fast cover is needed they are practically unbeatable as they can be transported to site and installed in a matter of days.

Commercial canopies are a simple solution to a potentially expensive problem.

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