Saving cost and time with a warehouse building

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When a business needs more warehouse space the first option is to look off-site where there might be spare capacity that can be leased short or long term. Whilst this can probably be achieved fairly quickly, the associated problems of logistics and stock control can significantly impact the operation of the business.The most obvious answer to a problem is not always the best one and leasing space off-site may seem attractive unless the underlying cost implications are considered. A better answer would be to increase space on site which significantly lessens any extra operational cost and keeps everything effectively in house. So if more space is to be created on-site, how is it to be achieved?

Reasons to use a warehouse building

The answer is to use a temporary warehouse building on site which can add operational space in a short time frame. Temporary buildings have been used in a variety of industries for many years now, although not everyone fully appreciates their versatility and usefulness. Being called temporary means that these buildings can be perceived as in some way inferior to other types of building, but this is a misconception.

A temporary warehouse building meets all of the requisite structural safety standards and can therefore be viewed as a viable alternative to a permanent building. These buildings give a business the best of both worlds by providing more operational space without the need to go off-site to get it. The speed of installation and the fact that they can be purchased or hired on a short term lease makes these buildings a realistic and viable alternative to traditionally built buildings.

Saving cost with warehouse buildings

The cost savings of a temporary warehouse building are significant without compromising on quality. As these buildings are demountable they don’t require any foundations to be laid, as hard standing is all that is needed, to anchor the buildings down. This means there are significant savings in labour, materials and time with the minimum of disruption to existing operations. For seasonal increases in production, for example, this is an excellent solution as the extra space is paid for only when it is needed.

One beauty of this type of building is that if a business is uncertain about the usefulness of a temporary building, taking out a short term lease for say 6 months to see if it works practically, provides much more information than any amount of paper calculations. These buildings can be erected and dismantled in such a comparatively short time and, once removed, leave little evidence of them ever having been there. This gives confidence to anyone uncertain about the distinctive merits of these buildings.

Warehouse building – a versatile solution

Warehouse buildings are a versatile solution when more operational space is required. They are available as simple storage for goods stored at ambient temperature or can be provided as an insulated structure for goods that have to be kept in a chilled environment. Various sizes are available which can be linked together as well as linking to existing buildings to ensure protected access for personnel and vehicles.

In today’s fast moving economy, the ability to respond quickly to changes in markets and customer preferences is vital for any business. Any unexpected commercial opportunity can be catered for by using a temporary warehouse building, erected on-site and ready for use in a matter of days, it can be operational much faster than a traditionally built structure. These buildings not only save time, they save money as well!

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