Sounds a bit over the top when all you’re talking about is an industrial temporary building!
Industrial temporary buildings however can create an inaccurate perception of inferior quality, grubby industrial marquees or crinkly tin sheds. This is often simply due to the word ‘temporary’ being used to describe them. In reality this word reflects the ability to easy remove and relocate these buildings and not the length of time they can be used for. In fact, for warehousing and other industrial uses, they can legitimately be used as an alternative to a permanent building.

Because of this its always a good idea to visit a fully operational temporary building before making any prejudgements. And, generally, people are surprised by the quality, stability and permanence of these structures.

Temporary buildings are more common than we think so you can more than likely view one in full operation at a site local to you.

To arrange a site visit and find out more, contact us.

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