As Covid19 cases rise and Boris Johnson announces new 6-month restrictions for England to try and curb the spread of the virus, organisations across the nation are poised to react quickly and preserve their operational continuity.

Since lockdown earlier this year, the global Covid19 pandemic has sparked an upsurge in the need for increased space. Initially seen across healthcare, pharma and the food supply chain in the form of emergency hospitals and stockpiling, followed by mass implementation of social distancing, additional spacing and sanitisation measures continue to be rolled out across all sectors, from manufacturing to hospitality, leisure and education.

The need to evaluate space utilisation on existing sites has become a top priority, surpassing grand pre-Covid construction projects involving large capital expenditure and investment. Whereas some buildings have been successfully repurposed, new rapid-build temporary facilities have also provided crucial additional square footage when most needed. Over the past few months, new isolation rooms, storage and decontamination areas have been springing up on factory sites, sports venues and schools. For the organisations that have opted for a temporary industrial building, such as Hurstpierpoint College, the option to rent has provided financial freedom and flexibility in a highly uncertain and fluid situation.

Unsurprisingly, fast, flexible and affordable construction methods are in demand. As ‘Keep 2 metre distance’ signage and one-way systems become a familiar site in shops and restaurants, UK factories and institutions are considering further measures to manage risk. To protect employees and adhere to proper social distancing, additional entrances and exits may be required to control people flow, used in conjunction with other methods such as turnstiles, barriers and the introduction of zoning in production areas and workplaces.

Aganto temporary buildings are ideal for those organisations looking for a stand-alone structure, canopy, extension or link to their existing building. They can be installed quickly, but offer more security and are heavier-duty than a marquee or tent-like structure. For example, a 20m x 50m x 4.2m building is typically erected within 1-2 weeks, and fully complies with the latest BSEN1991 safety standard for wind and snow loads. The aluminium frames carry a 10-year guarantee and all roof, wall and floor systems conform to British Fire and Safety Codes. Buildings can be insulated for temperature sensitive applications, and glazed windows can be included with suitable lighting if required.

We all hope of course, that disruption can be kept under control; perhaps there will be a Covid19 vaccine or even herd immunity over the next 12 months. However, as the situation advances, one thing is for sure – Aganto’s relocatable temporary buildings will be seeing many clients through the winter and beyond.

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