Temporary buildings give growth without the risk

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Temporary buildings recently helped Aker Solutions expand their operation without the delay and capital expense of a permanent warehouse extension. Find out how here and read more about these unique structures and how they allow businesses to quickly capitalise on growth without any risk.

The ability to capitalise on growth opportunities is critical for businesses to stay strong during hard times. If growth is dependent on heavy investment in new equipment or facilities though is the risk too great in a fragile economy?

Certainly if more space is needed the investment into a permanent extension could make a few pulses race. If growth dies away, you’re stuck with redundant space and a binding financial commitment. Many businesses though are now using temporary buildings to expand their operation and accommodate growth for minimal cost and risk.

Aker Solutions, a leading provider of oilfield products and services were recently able to expand their operation by having two temporary buildings installed on their site in Aberdeen. They needed more space in their workshop for a repair and overhaul operation and were considering a permanent warehouse extension but the time and capital outlay made them look at other options. Temporary buildings came to their attention and they realised they could not only get the extra space needed, but in a matter of weeks and on flexible terms for as long as they wanted it.

Two buildings were installed on their site, one for a secure parts store and the other a fabrication area. Both these activities were moved out of the existing workshop into the temporary buildings, freeing up the vital space needed for the expansion of the repair and overhaul work. Despite the atrocious weather at the time, the 300 sq m of temporary building space was installed in a week. This remarkably fast turnaround was due to a build process that required no foundations or ground preparation. In-fact, it’s this method of build that most of the cost, speed and flexibility benefits are derived from.

Speed: temporary buildings can be installed generally in 4 days as they are anchored down to existing hard standing.
Cost: on hire contracts you can literally pay as you go and purchase options offer a huge saving, up to 70% in some cases, when compared to a permanent building.
Flexibility: you’re in control of when you have it and how much you pay, expanding and contracting your business space at the drop of a hat.

We recently exhibited at the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) and found that awareness of temporary buildings has grown considerably since the last exhibition in 2010. Up to 70% of visitors now seemed aware of them and the benefits as opposed to three years ago when it was more like 30%.

The word on these unique recession busters certainly seems to be spreading, allowing industry to grow and expand for minimal cost and risk.

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