Join us and our temporary buildings at the intralogistics ball, International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) 19 – 22 March. For anyone with so much as a finger tip in the world of logistics its well worth a day out. You may leave with bags full of tat, but you’ll have a head full of achievable ideas on how to make your own intralogistics quicker, cheaper and easier.

Billed as The UK’s largest Intralogistics exhibition, the IMHX (International Materials Handling Exhibition) is but two months away and features, (according to media data), over 400 exhibitors within materials handling, 40 free conference sessions and the ability to network with over 20,000 industry professionals. All over a four day period, 19th – 22nd March, at Birmingham’s NEC.

So a definite diary date for all and sundry involved in logistics or intralogistics, the latest buzzword in the industry. Intralogistics I believe is the internal logistics within an organisation and logistics passing goods down the supply chain. With the IMHX suggesting they are featuring heavily on internal logistics one could assume a visit will present a host of ideas and opportunities to do things cheaper, faster and easier within an organisation. Products and services usually include some of the following, but many more as well: access equipment, conveyors, cranes and lifting gear, fork lift trucks, IT, loading bays, packaging, pallets, racking, storage systems, temporary buildings, warehousing, recycling, weighting systems, work wear and 3rd party logistics.

Despite the appeal of the IMHX it’s difficult to justify time out for an exhibition jolly in the present climate. Certain exhibitions and events however are worth it and, if you are involved in the intralogistics of your company this one is a goodie as it’s a large exhibition that smacks of quality and always delivers.

The three year wait between shows possibly helps generate anticipation and competition between the top suppliers to bag the best positions and create an almost theatrical experience with dancing forklifts, competitions, displays, celebs and oodles of giveaways.

It’s the big boy fork-lifts that always go to town on their stand, but don’t ignore the rest. The hundreds of smaller stands all have something to offer as well, so the long walk round, twice at least, is worth it. I personally give less kudos to stands where staff sit round their little round bar table on stools giving a half hearted smile and hoping they don’t have to speak first, but that’s just me!

Many visitors seem to half dread the enthusiastic staff who leave the safety of their stand and enter the mutual territory of the aisle to engage with you. This is, however, doing the job of manning a stand properly and, by entering the exhibition, you as a visitor are giving them permission to do so! With the IMHX though you will be glad that you did stop to listen.

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