4th April 2018

Temporary buildings in food processing and handling facilities

Probably the most effective way to expand operational or warehousing space for the food processing industry is through the deployment of temporary buildings.

Hygienic food processing environments, manufacturing and warehousing facilities

Strict legislation and compliance regulations governing the food safety standards and quality requirements means high quality hygienic processing and production facilities are critical in the food processing industry. However, the challenge is always to have the flexibility within any food processing plant to adapt and scale in line with consumer trends and seasonal retail peaks.

How can food processing and handling facilities flex with consumer trends and seasonal retail peaks?

Temporary buildings provide the perfect solution for the food processing industry. This is because although they are temporary, they can provide a semi-permanent solution. This means the lifetime of a building extends into decades, whilst throughout its life it can be extended or reduced in size; removed and stored; relocated; or sold. If you have seasonal peaks then short-term rental may be a better solution. The speed and predictability of installation, combined with the financial advantages of a temporary building make the choice between investing in a conventional building a matter of simple business common sense.

The advantages of temporary buildings in food processing and handling facilities

  • Typically 25% of a conventional build cost
    – More affordable and predictable
  • You can buy, lease or short-term rent
    – Timescales can mirror your customer contracts, so zero risk
  • You can move it, expand it or remove it
    – The ultimate in flexibility
  • It has all the basic hygienic requirements as standard
    – Easy to clean smooth walls and non slip floors
  • It can be installed in 5 weeks from order
    – Non-invasive, so zero disruption to food production

Temporary buildings solutions for the food processing industry

With a team of specialists who have food processing industry knowledge, you can have a complete turnkey solution whatever function or facility you require.

    • Food production facilities
    • Temperature controlled storage
    • Warehousing
    • Maintenance and workshop facilities
    • Washing and drying areas
    • Reverse logistics processes
    • Training facilities
    • Loading bay canopies
    • Retail and factory shop

Food premises designed and installed as temporary buildings can meet the British Retail Consortium requirements:

  • 100% appropriate to the activities they are used for.
  • Provide adequate spaces for food production and other ancillary facilities and equipment.
  • Minimise the likelihood of food contamination.
  • Facilitate easy cleaning, sanitising and maintenance.
  • Prevent access or harbourage of pests.
  • Keep out dust, dirt, fumes, smoke or other contaminants.
  • Provide a safe environment for workers and customers.

Free consultation with one of our food processing industry specialists

If you are thinking about increasing the operational space within your food processing or handling facility, then get in touch and one of our specialists will provide advice, relevant case studies and help you to design the most cost effective and flexible solution to meet your operational challenges.
Expanding your on-site storage space has never been more simple, cost effective and flexible. It’s often easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone, so if in doubt – Get in touch to find out more, click here

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