When you hire a temporary building its advisable to ensure you understand and follow any maintenance and safety guidelines. These can include the following, but your temporary building supplier should instruct you in all aspects of safety and maintenance.

Carry out checks and any required maintenance on your temporary building regularly to retain their structural durability and safety in inclement weather. This is something that is, of course, recommended for all buildings, not just temporary ones!

  • Temporary buildings as with permanent buildings must have the right number of fire exits for the size and intended use. Building programmes for temporary buildings need to be carried out in line with agreed timescales and plans. Last minute or continual changes can cause hold ups and complications.
  • Temporary buildings are extremely large and heavy industrial structures and should not be tampered with in any way without the knowledge and agreement of the temporary building supplier.
  • A risk assessment needs to be carried out for each building programme, either using a generic company risk assessment or one tailored to a particular site. This should include consideration of any underground services or overhead cables that may be affected by a temp building installation.

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