With our plans underway for a modest stand at the IMHX next March for our temporary buildings business, you can’t help wondering how long exhibitions are going to survive faced with the domination of digital and now the social revolution!

With preparations for our stand at the IMHX (International Materials Handling Exhibition) in March to promote our temporary buildings business now well underway, you can’t help but think of the time and expense that goes into an exhibition and ask the question – is it still worthwhile? The IMHX is a big exhibition for supply chain professionals that happens every 3 years and in previous years has attracted a foot fall of around 20,000 for the 4 days and many overseas visitors as well as home.

Temporary buildings v big boy forklifts

The IMHX is the only exhibition left in our marketing strategy and we of course, go all out to make it a success for our temporary buildings business. Without anything like the budget to compete with the big boy forklifts we achieve this with a simple stand but the right staff and a proper plan. Despite the simplicity of our efforts however there is still a hefty amount of resource to be put into it.

For us, all we need is one conversion from the event and we have the return we need as temporary buildings are a fairly large ticket item. For more day to day products and services however it would be vital to plan and execute the show with very clear achievable objectives and anticipated return.

Our experience of exhibiting temporary buildings

With what seems like the world available to us at the touch of a button, are exhibitions going to become the dinosaur in the marketing plan and fade away into extinction? For exhibitors who can plan properly and aren’t afraid to leave the security of their stand to actually engage with visitors, exhibitions are still a vital tool for permission based marketing.

Unfortunately though, so many exhibitors just sit around gazing at their feet, anywhere in fact to avoid eye contact with passers by, potential customers! This happens on the largest and smallest of stands and although it may be preferable practice for the visitor, it does not generate exhibition success as we have found with our temporary buildings.

Right for temporary buildings, right for everyone?

So, after my ponderings, my view would be yes, the right exhibition whether it’s small and regional or large and international is still worthwhile as long as you plan correctly, set achievable targets, measure and follow up and most importantly engage with the visitor who has given you permission to do so by walking through the door.

Please leave a comment below on your views and experience of exhibitions or if you would like more information about temporary buildings.

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