Are you drowning in social media? There is so much out there, how do you know where to be, what to say, when to say it… and on it goes. As we have with our temporay industrial buildings and temporary storage buildings, this post suggests you go back to the beginning; to the customer. And, where they go, you follow.Your kids are much better at it than you, it seems to be taking over the world, and if you or your business isn’t on it, you’re a dinosaur.

What is it? Social media of course. It’s everywhere we look. A mass of buttons wanting us to like, follow, pin, blog, comment, tag, share and tweet. But, will social media actually give commercial merit to your business? Social media marketing companies will obviously tell you it will, but if you’re a bit green round the gills when it comes to social media it’s very hard to know where to begin. And, if you’re placing valuable marketing budget in the hands of a social media ‘expert’, who to trust and who to pick is equally tricky.

I would say, as with all marketing, go right back to the beginning; the customer. Who are they and what social media channels will they be using? For example, we sell temporary industrial buildings and storage buildings for mainly UK industrial use. I don’t think for a minute our customers will be spending their lunch-breaks checking out whose eaten what cereal for breakfast on Facebook. They may use Facebook in their personal time, either for themselves or maybe checking out what their tearaway teenagers are getting up to, lol (sorry…)

So, instead of Facebook, see if some of your customers or prospects are on and activity using LinkedIn, for example. This platform allows you to network with like minded people on a professional basis, either as an individual or now as a company.

Finding the social media networks that attract your customers not only ensures you have a chance of reaching them, but it also forces you to focus your efforts on one or two platforms as opposed to having and marketing your presence on every single social media network available. You’d certainly be diluting your effort on the networks that do matter and wasting a lot of time on those that don’t.

Although I don’t yet know much about Google+, it stands to reason, to me, that it is going to be a dominating force given Google’s track record. So, it might be worth checking this out on your social media travels.

Lastly, as with our temporary industrial buildings, I use social media to comment, discuss and engage. If I can gently nudge people in the direction of our website, along the way, great! I personally don’t believe you can sell off social media as that’s what your website is (or should ) be for. I’m sure there are plenty of companies who will tell me different and if they can, I wouldn’t mind knowing how either!

So, love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. And, to harness its power, it’s probably best to avoid jumping on the proverbial bandwagon. If you’re prepared to dip into marketing spend, it might be better going on a couple of training courses to understand which network will ultimately work best for you and how to create a marketing strategy around that.

Good luck! I think we might need it.

Aganto hires and sells temporary buildings for commercial storage UK wide.

You can find us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, but I would recommend visiting our website if you’d like more information on our industrial buildings for temporary or permanent use!

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