Temporary warehouse equals flexible warehouse

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When it comes to warehousing, temporary really does equal flexible. Temporary warehouses offer unbeatable flexibility in terms of what you pay, how long for and how the building and your site space can adapt to changing business needs. Whether hire or purchase contracts offer the best value and flexiblity though is down to individual circumstances. Both however retain a high degree of flexibility.

That’s not relating to a temporary warehouse being able to bend and stretch you understand, although being aluminium they do have an innate ability to flex against loads and impacts! No, it’s more to do with the ability to keep your business and site space flexible by using one. But how is this achieved?

As a recent customer of ours found out, it’s to do with adaptable financial hire and purchase packages and a building that’s amazingly easy and fast to build and take down.

Hire or buy your temporary warehouse?

If you know you need a building for a long time but not permanently your choice of hiring or buying a temporary warehouse becomes a big question. When we worked with leading supplier of fabricated plastic profiles, Nenplas, recently this was the dilemma they were facing when they needed more storage to accommodate growth and expansion at their Ashbourne site in Derbyshire.

With a known five year period of use Nenplas needed to decide which was the best financial option for them. If they decided to purchase the temporary warehouse though what would they do with it after the end of the five year period?

Flexibility guaranteed

This is where temporary warehouses come into their own. Whatever building or financial package you choose, the flexibility is always there to adapt the building or your site space as your business changes.

A temporary warehouse that has been purchased can still be easily taken down, removed and even sold. Aganto will often buy it back or it can be sold on the open market. In fact, we have even seen temporary buildings for sale on Ebay!

Either way it becomes an asset to you, but a very different one to a more permanent traditional building.

After weighing up the choices, this is what Nenplas did. They opted to purchase the temporary warehouse with the option to sell it back to Aganto after the five years. That way they get the best building, at the best price and with the maximum flexibility to adapt their site space as business needs change.

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