Temporary warehouses on trial

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Temporary warehouses can and are trialled by businesses who choose to hire before they purchase. This not only ensures they are right for your business before committing long term, but it also eradicates any misconceptions about durability and quality.

No don’t worry they haven’t been breaking the law. Rather they have been affording businesses the opportunity to trial before committing. And, in this economic day and age that is something very valuable.

When you invest in a permanent extension there is no going back. Once built, it’s there to stay. And, unless you decide to relocate you need to do something with it.

But, what if your business changes? Your operation and storage requirements change? You lose some orders or a high value customer? What then? Any facility standing empty and unused will be draining budget and profits.

Imagine being able to trial new temporary warehouse space on site for one, two or even five years. See how well it earns its keep. What return it gives you. Then, when its proved its worth and you can accurately forecast the ongoing return, you can then invest.

Now you can do this. By hiring a temporary warehouse for whatever period you want you can trial before buying. And, it’s not just to see how well it fits with your business. You can trial for any reason or need. Over the years we have seen many.

New product launches, in-house recycling schemes, comparing the financial impact of on-site hiring with off-site or simply seeing how well a temporary warehouse can perform throughout the commercial and environmental seasons.

This advantage can be summed up in one word. Flexiblity. And, businesses who can bag some of this are going to be on to a winner.

Being able to adapt your operational and storage needs quickly, cheaply but effectively with an evolving and still relatively unstable economic landscape is key. A temporary demountable warehouse can give you this.

At the end of your hire contract you might feel that a temporary warehouse isn’t for you but keeping everything on-site does work so it’s the right time to invest in bricks and mortar. Or, you might decide that a temporary warehouse is suitable for your long-term storage or operational requirements and a worthy purchase investment.

“Temporary warehouses accused of contradiction and misconception!”

Saying temporary and purchase in one sentence could be perceived as a slight contradiction, but in this case it’s not. Temporary warehouses are classed as such because they are demountable and don’t need any foundations

Despite this however their structural engineering is up to UK standards for snow and wind loadings, meeting BS 6399. Aganto buildings also have site specific structural calculations making them even more durable and fit for purpose.

You might also think that hiring a temporary warehouse for three, four or more years and then buying it means you are paying over the odds. And, in truth you’d probably be right as generally there are no lease options. However, this never deters people from the commercial advantages of trialling before committing.

Mistakes down the road that can’t be changed have a far greater and long reaching negative impact on bottom line profit than a few additional months hire charges coming out of operational budgets.

So why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of this flexibility?

Well, in truth many now are, however, this kind of flexibility does almost seems too good to be true. Coupled with the confusing ‘temporary’ label businesses and individuals have on occasion been slightly suspicious of this ‘having your cake and eating it’ possibility.

Now with many experiencing these advantages first hand and recommendations flying around the manufacturing and logistics sectors it seems that temporary warehouses are going to start coming into their own; standing full trial before being acquitted of any misconceptions and being committed to long-term business plans.

Read here how you can trial a temporary warehouse.

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