Temporary warehouses – strike a pose!

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Here at Aganto, we felt it was time to give our temporary industrial buildings’ pictures a makeover.As you can see from our refreshed and revamped website, the slick, visceral images provide a powerful and instant representation of Aganto buildings, and their presence in sites across the country.
No matter what you’re selling, whether it’s thousands of widgets and gadgets through to temporary warehouses, industrial buildings or a service, don’t underestimate the power of good quality professional photographs that are unique to your business.

Quality photographs are much easier to take in and remember than words. And, they are fast – if a picture truly encapsulates the next 200 words, then people don’t have to spend five minutes reading and digesting those words.

Your marketing images could influence the sub-conscious decisions made early on in the buying process as image quality is a key part of that vital first impression. Traditionally, there was a belief that outside shots taken on a dull grey day didn’t stand a chance of competing with blue skies, good light and a skilled operator. However, as some of our photos prove, the grey, gloomy backgrounds can be just as effective due to their gritty and real appeal – a snapshot into the future and a way of the customer visualising what the building will look like in the yard- and the “Great British” weather is predictably dull!

With our industrial temporary warehouses, we do prefer to photograph on good weather days as the blue sky helps sharpen the lines of the building, creating a sleek, neat composition. All of which helps take the prospect on to the next stage of our enquiry process and encourage them to see an operational building for themselves. Aganto’s temporary warehouse buildings are representative of their blue sky image, but capturing the reality of something on camera is the trick.

Our tips for effective images

Even if you don’t have products to shoot, but are offering a service, photographs of your staff, business premises and customers all go to creating a professional image and feeling of ease and trust with your prospects. And, whatever you do, don’t use stock photographs for people shots, your own images will always look more realistic and will make a better connection with your prospects. Pictures are so easy to share and people seem to like interacting with them because they are instant, visual and (hopefully) memorable. We will continue to post and share our shiny new pictures, and hope you do too.

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