With parts of the UK slowly disappearing under water and no clear understanding of how much climate change is to blame, it might be prudent for businesses to start considering wet weather in their business plans and strategies. Contingency plans for flooding and cover for any outdoor storage or loading activity would be good places to start. And, the latter doesn’t need to be a large investment into a permanent industrial canopy or warehouse extension and a visit to the bank with a begging bowl.I can’t imagine that anyone would continue storing goods or equipment in the open anymore given the appalling and consistent wet weather we have seen recently. And, the problems of loading in the wet go beyond damage to goods, but health and safety risks start to kick in, especially in the Winter when wet turns to snow or ice.

With environmentalists and government unable to agree on the cause of this atrocious weather, it seems like there is no quick change on its way. Whether its weather systems, climate change or a bit of both the fact remains our weather is turning unpredictable, destructive and in some cases fatal.

How is your business coping with the wet weather?

Businesses would be wise to consider how to deal with the extreme weather on an ongoing basis as opposed to just getting through the winter. After all, it was only 2012 when summer became a complete soggy wash out (and thank god for the Olympics which helped us through it!) So, perhaps going forward wet weather needs to be factored into business plans and strategies.

One of the easiest ways to cover outdoor storage or loading activity is with a demount able industrial canopy. The demount able aspect means it’s a structure that is very easy to put up and take down. It therefore comes with a high degree of flexibility. Because they are so easy to remove they usually come with the option to hire as well as buy.

You can of course go one better on flexibility when it comes to industrial canopies and install a fold away or retractable structure. For intermittent bad weather this would be good idea. For us in the UK though you might be folding it in and out every other day.

Demountable industrial canopies however can remain in place up until the day you decide you don’t need it anymore. This could be due to an investment in a permanent industrial canopy extension, relocation to a new site or a change in operational and handling procedures. Either way it probably won’t be due to a miraculous turnaround in the UK’s weather!

Aluminium industrial canopies for lightweight but strong protection

The ability to build and demount these structures so easily comes from the aluminium frame. It’s lightweight qualities means no ground prep or foundations are needed and the canopy can be built straight onto existing hard ground. And, to keep wet weather away from all storage and handing activity, you can link these aluminium industrial canopies to existing facilities such as warehouses, production buildings or despatch areas.

Various sizes are available and they can also be linked together to create bigger dry areas for storage or loading.

Struggling with the wet weather in order to avoid the large outlay of a new facility doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Aluminium industrial canopies can solve your problem quickly, simply and economically.

Find out how an industrial canopy can help protect your business here.

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