During the economic turmoil over the past few years we have found many businesses are now using temporary buildings as permanent solutions and an alternative to bricks and mortar or steel warehouse buildings.

How can a temporary warehouse building be used long-term?

It might be difficult to understand how a temporary warehouse can be used long-term, but they do actually meet the required British Standards for structural safety and are therefore a viable alternative to a permanent warehouse building.

Businesses that have opted to use temporary warehouse buildings as a permanent solution are benefitting from a fast, economical and flexible solution that in no way compromises functionality or quality. The ‘fast’ comes from a build process that takes under a week, the ‘economical’ stems from the fast build process and simple modular design and the ‘flexible’ stands for the various financial packages you can choose from including hire, purchase and buy-backs.

Why not build a new warehouse building?

Although no building can be considered as strong and durable as a permanent structure, they do unfortunatley drain finances, takes months to design and build and are a binding commitment that is hard to get out of if business declines.

You could argue that you would still face this problem with a temporary building, but that’s not the case. A temporary warehouse building is easy to dismantle, remove and install elsewhere, meaning that if the building is no longer needed, most suppliers offer a buy-back clause, or you can sell it on yourself to a third party.

A new kind of warehouse building for a new kind of economy?

So, maybe the new economy would benefit from a new kind of warehouse building that ensures business continuity and success at a fraction of the cost, time and commitment associated with a more traditional building.

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