Is a new flexible friend helping UK industry stay responsive to erratic consumer demand and economic fragility?

Aluminium framed industrial buildings, are they the new flexible friend?

You could argue that the media is one of the causes of recession and economic turmoil, reporting endlessly on the ups and downs of the national and global economy, Euro crisis, unemployment, austerity measures, and so on. What normal person wouldn’t react by squirreling away spare pennies as opposed to indulging in a few weekly treats or non-essentials.

So with consumers continually opening and closing wallets and demand going up and down like an erratic pogo stick, how do businesses cope? Long-term predictions and investments are a thing of the past. Quick, accurate decision making and short-term change are now important to retain growth.

This is where aluminium industrial buildings are helping businesses UK wide. Aluminium is a lightweight, flexible metal that is highly resistant to corrosion. When industrial buildings are engineered from aluminium they can be constructed on-site without needing any ground-works laying and are instead bolted down to the existing level surface. The fast and easy build method means they can be dismantled just as quickly and are available for short, medium or long-term hire.

Although lightweight aluminium industrial buildings are extremely durable and, having less rigidity than steel, gain strength from being able to ‘flex’ more. The flexibility doesn’t compromise durability and these industrial buildings can be used as an alternative to a permanent building.

Aluminium industrial buildings, or temporary buildings, are enabling UK industry to quickly expand or contract operational space for minimal cost, when they need it, for precisely how long. A true flexible friend!

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