The Pallet Network supported by Aganto

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A pallet network is a concept that helps improve delivery times as well as offering benefits in efficiency and economy. It is basically a cooperative of logistics companies located in different parts of the country and they deliver their loads to a hub where they are consolidated for onward delivery. The advantage of this system to a haulier is that consignments can be taken from customers for delivery anywhere in the country in the knowledge that after delivery to the hub the goods will be transhipped to their final destination. This means that a small delivery of even one pallet can be moved efficiently as it will be combined into a larger load that is geographically more compact that might otherwise be possible, creating a more efficient delivery round.
Most goods are routed through a hub these days as the enormous depots we see from the motorway will attest. A pallets network allows for logistics companies to offer a nationwide service and allows for delivery to be carried out more efficiently. Many businesses take advantage of a pallet network system

Leading temporary building specialists Aganto, have customers across the UK and from a myriad of sectors. Undoubtedly, the manufacturers are the stalwarts of industry requiring a quick, easy and affordable solution to any storage needs. However it has become increasingly noticeable that the logistics sector has undergone radical change in recent years.

Aganto supplies canopies for loading bays for organisations distributing goods via a pallet network, providing an effective and successful solution to cover goods irrespective of the weather. The traditionally busy months for retail distribution networks may have, at one time, been towards the end of the year at Christmas, however, we are now living in a twenty four hour world; constantly switched on, digitally savvy, and crucially, being able to shop online whenever and however many times we like.

Logistics have never been so busy in trying to keep up with the impatience of next day deliveries; distribution centres becoming strategically located hubs of activity all over the country. Retailers are often at maximum capacity with their warehouses and increasingly need additional storage facilities on a short term basis.

Customers turn to Aganto for our tailor-made products. We look at the individual problem or requirement and create a bespoke solution whilst also going the extra mile. Approachable, personable and hands on, no job is too big or too small. Aganto’s expert team can be scrambled on site within days, with a rapid install, allowing the networks to continue to load/unload/store and protect their precious cargo.

The pallet network phenomenon has also resulted in service expectations becoming higher. This has traditionally been United States-led, but the UK is moving forward with this and which Aganto has quickly adapted to, resulting in the development of our product and customer portfolio. This demonstrates further the flexibility and versatility of Aganto’s temporary industry structures.

We understand the demand the logistics sector are under…and we do all we can to accommodate the timescales and storage solutions it requires. Our relationship with logistics is a strong one, and which we anticipate will further strengthen throughout the summer season.

If you need to protect your goods in transit, why not give us a call to see how we can help?

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