23rd July 2018

Turnkey warehouse solution enables Miniclippers’ rapid expansion

Turnkey services from Aganto mean whatever is needed can be sourced and managed as one solution

Aganto provided a responsive service, quick delivery, installed the warehouse on-site in under a week with power and lighting. The temporary warehouse solution for Mini Clipper Logistics helped them to expand their business without actually taking on additional facilities.

A fast growing family haulage business with over 45 years of UK distribution expertise

Miniclipper Logistics pallet delivery service is a long established provider of a complete spectrum of transport and warehousing services for businesses seeking a logistics partnership enabling flexibility, agility and quality in your supply chain. With over 100 people, over 25000 pallet spaces, and a state of the art truck fleet just an hour from London and Birmingham, Miniclipper Logistics are closely focused on fast response and late order cut off times to help you. Every day they’re delivering pallets to retail stores, construction sites, Amazon DC’s and a plethora of delivery points in between.

“We needed a temporary warehouse because all our sites were absolutely full.”

We didn’t really want to take on another premises at that point so, we decided we wanted to sweat the assets that we had. We had a big yard that was not used and was ideal to put a temporary storage building in that space.

“We chose Aganto because they were good in the sales process and really responsive, they gave us a good product at a really good price. The warehouse has worked really well. We actually use it as an overflow storage facility at the moment.”

My experience of Aganto is really good, they sort of held my hand all the way through the process so really I was delighted with it, with the whole purchase and the service. Some other competitors just did it over the phone and for an investment of this size we felt that we wanted a bit more than just a desk top price. To work with Aganto was very professional, as soon as I put the sales call in, they got someone in very quickly, they knew what they were doing. The installers knew what they were doing, the sales guys knew what they were doing, it was just an easy process. Having this temporary warehouse has really helped us a lot because every time we move it’s a significant investment, it’s meant that we can expand our business without actually taking on additional facilities.

If someone else wanted to invest in a temporary warehouse I think it’s a great idea, it really worked well for us. It’s very fast, an easy way of expanding your property, your warehouse and giving you the capacity to grow your business.

I would recommend Aganto, they have been excellent all the way through the process, right from the sales to the installation. I really haven’t had any problems with the whole process, it’s been a really, really good experience.

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