Once you’ve decided a prefabricated building is the right choice for your business you then need to work closely with your chosen supplier to determine the right specification. Amongst many other features and options this includes walling.
The decision on what walling to choose from is generally based around what the prefabricated building is being used for and cost. Given the variety of applications and budget restraints it helps to have choice with the walling options.

At the top end of the scale you can have insulated sandwich panels that come in varying thickness. These give an attractive finish that is combined with durability and a high level of insulation properties. Combined with an insulated roof this walling would therefore be suitable for sensitive storage where a high degree of temperature control is required, eg chilled units.

Next down the list is a Polmer Composite Walling system. This walling system provides insulation, but to a lesser degree than the one above. Its primary benefits are derived from the simplicity of installation. Panels slot and lock together with ease (a bit like Dupo for adults really!), and are extremely easy to clean, replace, remove or reverse.

When temperature control is not an issue in a prefabricated buiding, but budget control is, a non-insulated walling could be provided usually in the form of single skin steel sheeting. This basic system is ideal for most industrial uses and is extremely durable, generally withstanding harsh weather and bad forklift steering!

For canopy users another option available is called Micro Mesh walling. This is exactly what it says it is, an industrial fabric mesh that allows light and air into a structure. Essential though with canopies this allows the free-flow of wind through the canopy and avoids it becoming trapped.

This wide choice of walling options along with the many other choices of prefabricated building definitely does give users wall to wall choice!

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