Warehouse buildings and the different options are varied and wide, but how do you make the right choice for your business? Consider the options, leasing warehouse buildings off-site, investing in a new build on your own site, installing a steel warehouse building or aluminium framed demountable warehouse building.
Leasing warehouse buildings off-site is quick, flexible and on the face of it relatively inexpensive. Once the additional transport, security and cleaning costs are taken into account however the costs can mount up. Investing in a new build is so far off the radar at the moment that it’s hardly worth considering. With the fragile UK economy and spiralling decline of the Euro Zone, few if any businesses are willing to predict and invest in long-term growth and activity.

That leaves metal warehouse buildings. Steel warehouse buildings are robust and durable but do come with a hefty bill of cost, time and disruption in the form of foundations and ground works. Aluminium framed demountable warehouse buildings can be perceived as inferior quality to steel but, they do meet the same structural safety standards. In fact, the quality standards of aluminium framed warehouse buildings is often misunderstood as these buildings have an extremely fast installation method that doesn’t require foundations.

In fact, the option of demountable warehouse buildings brings together the benefits of each option – you don’t need long-term investment as they can be hired from 3 months, you can avoid transport and other additional costs associated with off-site leasing and they don’t need the time, cost and disruption associated with steel buildings or other traditional structures.

Certainly aluminium framed warehouse buildings sit well with the economic climate, but they can also give companies the flexibility to expand and contract operations in days for minimal cost and disruption – something that would add value during recession or growth

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