3rd August 2018

Warehouse Fire Safety Checklist

The challenges of fire prevention, detection and containment in warehouses are no different for conventional construction or temporary buildings. Aganto can help design in the essential components for your warehouse fire safety checklist.

1 – Prevention & Preparation

In order for your temporary warehouse to be fully protected against fires, you need to go beyond the minimum standards set. The best way to protect your property, equipment and most importantly your employees in the event of a warehouse fire is to ensure every preventative measure is in place.

• Fire protocol and fire drills
Once we’ve installed your temporary warehouse with the addition of higher fire rating solutions, you need to make sure your employees are fully prepared. Every building needs an evacuation plan, so you need to determine the easiest routes of access to all the exits in your warehouse and run fire drills so your employees know exactly what to do in the event of a fire.

• Train your employees to use fire extinguishers
Make sure everyone in your building knows how to access your fire extinguishers and how to use them quickly. This is the safest way to prevent a small fire from spreading rapidly.

• Designate floor storage and staging areas
Use tape to designate specific storage and staging areas. This will make it much easier to determine and enforce proper aisle space rules and ensure escape routes are left clear.

2 – Detection & Evacuation

Early detection by smoke and heat detectors is an essential component because fire alarms help alert anyone working in the warehouse of a potentially dangerous issue.


3 – Fire Containment

• Warehouse Fire Sprinkler Systems
Having an overhead fire sprinkler system installed in your warehouse is probably the single most important fire protection measure you can take. A warehouse fire sprinkler system can help to contain the fire, help prevent it spreading and control flames until fire fighters arrive.

• Fire-resistant coatings and insulation to protect the metal infrastructure
Any metal frame building presents a risk of collapse due to major deformations which occur when high temperatures are reached. Steel loses about 50 per cent of its ability to bear weight once temperatures reach 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is why fire-resistant coatings and insulation can be applied if you need the highest standards of fire rating.

• Compartmentalise warehouse zones
Using fire-walls to compartmentalise warehouse zones is a means of limiting a fire spreading.

• Automatic fire doors
Fuse-operated fire-doors that close automatically when the temperature rises.


Need more warehouse space and a fire protection system?

Want to find out how to maximise your fire protection? Aganto can help you implement the highest levels of fire safety and protective measures.  It’s often easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone, so if in doubt – Get in touch to find out more, click here

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