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We’ve got logistics covered.

We’ve got logistics covered. #What can you transport from yours?!

Aganto is a huge champion of the logistics industry and work with many organisations that are experiencing huge growth, expansion and success.

We’ve got logistics covered with our established supply chain solutions, be it for the road, rail, air or sea sectors. Aganto’s temporary warehouse solutions can be used in a variety of appropriate and relevant applications, tailored specifically for the logistics industry, such as goods in/out, scanning sheds, temporary terminal cargo covers and loading bay canopies.

For years Aganto has supplied temporary buildings to hire or sell, with flexibility, convenience and speed; everything under one roof. Honoured to be a bronze associate of the Road Haulage Association, Aganto is proud of the service we provide to all facets of the freight sector. We know and understand how tough the industry is, and will provide a bespoke solution to whatever your site requires; whether you need an instant small size canopy to protect your good in/out operation, or if you are looking into the low-financial risk solution of a large temporary warehouse to store your increasing volume of pallets.

In this erratic weather system of ours, protection of your goods from wet damage whilst loading in the wet is critical. No business wants damaged goods as part of a fully sustainable supply chain. Pre-empt this threat with an Aganto loading bay canopy solution. And with not enough warehousing space to meet rapidly increasing demand from the omni- channel retail logistics operations across the country, contact us to see how we can add additional space to your site, working with you to create instant space in just days.

Don’t just take our work for it though; read here from logistics behemoths Eddie Stobart’s, Pace and Mini Clipper logistics, who are all valued customers of ours.

Logistics are the lifeblood of the country, transporting goods of all kinds across the country’s network of roads and rails but under increasing pressure due to the demands of our globally, ever-connected, always switched on, digitally charged society.

So if you need more storage or operational space but can’t face the hassle of off-site hiring or the expense and commitment of building works, call 01635 202979 to hire or purchase a temporary warehouse today. We are also delighted to be exhibiting at Multimodal 2017 held at the NEC 4-6th April. Come down and see us for a chat- we look forward to seeing some familiar faces and excited about meeting new friends.

Whatever you decide to transport from your temporary building, we’ve got you covered

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