What can you do with an industrial marquee?

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Industrial marquees can be used for many different applications and reasons. Find out just how adaptable these structures are and how businesses can expect to benefit in terms of speed, cost and flexibility.

Before we answer that question, lets just clarify what an industrial marquee is. An industrial marquee is an aluminium framed building that can be built very quickly onto existing hard ground without needing any foundations laying. Hence the word marquee as their lighter weight cousins use the same construction method.

The build method means they can also been dismantled and removed meaning hire contracts are available as well as outright purchase. The main difference between industrial marquees and event marquees is the former can be used long-term. In fact many businesses are now starting to use them instead of more permanent buildings for industrial applications.

Uses for an industrial marquee

Obviously the key is in the heading; industrial. Think of as many different industrial applications as you can and they can probably be done in an industrial marquee. Storage, warehousing, workshops, loading canopies and some types of production.

The ability to provide industrial marquees with various types of wall and roof cladding means they can be used for basic weather protection right through to sensitive or chilled storage.

Surprising yes given the name, but they also go by many different names such as temporary buildings, modular buildings or demount-able buildings. And, in fact, building is a much more suitable word than marquee as it describes the actual product and not the installation method.

Benefits of an industrial marquee?

Businesses who choose to use industrial marquee structures for whatever requirement usually benefit in three main ways. Firstly speed.

They can react very quickly to changes in customer and businesses needs by increasing on site storage or operational space in literally days.

Secondly, cost. For those businesses who are choosing a strategy of using industrial marquees instead of more traditional buildings they are enjoying major cost savings. Up to 70% in initial outlay in some cases.

And, thirdly flexibility. Although we are slowly but steadily getting on the right economic foot again, industrial marquees help you to be responsive and flexible. You can literally expand and contract in line with market trends.

So industrial marquees are used for industrial applications but they are also used to achieve fast, economical and flexible responses that help create ongoing success for businesses.

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