Customer feedback has recently highlighted to us once again the costs that can be saved by using aluminium industrial buildings instead of steel. A recent client of ours would have had to pay £25k more on a steel building to cover the cost of ground-works and then experience the 6 to 8 week delay as opposed to having new storage space in less than a week. Read more on how these cost and time savings were achieved.

Recent customer feedback highlighted to us yet again just how much businesses can save by not having to carry out any ground preparation when installing an aluminium industrial building. Our client also considered steel framed industrial buildings for his particular project but found that although the actual buildings were similar in price, the ground preparation increased the latter option by £25k.

Aluminium industrial buildings can be built directly onto existing hard standing by using base plates and ground anchors. Once the building has been measured out on the allotted piece of ground, the base plates are put in place and then bolted down with either ground anchors or bolts depending on whether it is tarmac or concrete. An uplift test is then preformed to ensure the building will comply with calculations and can resist the maximum possible uplift force. Once these tests have been performed the frame is laid out, each leg pinned to the corresponding base plate and craned into position one bay at a time. For an average sized industrial building this process takes just two days.

Depending on what the building is needed for will depend on whether unlevel ground can be used or not. Aluminium industrial buildings can be built onto pitched surfaces by cutting the frame legs to fit so customers then have the choice of adapting the building, or laying a concrete pad to ensure a perfectly flat surface. This is probably the only occasion when any kind of ground preparation would be required.

So not only are huge up-front costs saved by not having to prepare the ground but there are major cost savings and potential commercial gain associated with the timings. A steel building could easily take eight to ten weeks to get the ground works sorted and building constructed. Once an order has been placed for an aluminium industrial building however, the building can be completed and ready to use in less than a week. These timings do depend on whether or not an aluminium framed building is available in stock, but, as many suppliers hire buildings they do tend to have a good amount of stock at any one time.

So, if you’re in the market for some more storage or operational space and feel like saving £25k and getting a fast return on investment then it would be well worth your while putting aluminium industrial building onto your list.

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