What’s in a name?

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There are different designs of temporary building available all of which have different names and labels applied to them such as modular, portable or relocatable. Which type of temporary building is suitable for you though and which is the right label to attribute to it to make your research easy and conclusive?

If you’re looking for a temporary building solution there are probably a range of different words and phrases you might put into a search engine. This is because there are different types of temporary buildings available that go under a multitude of different names depending on who you are talking to!

Temporary suggests something that is used short-term and can therefore be removed after use. A number of building solutions can offer this. Portable cabin type structures can be used temporarily and so can some steel industrial buildings. Event structures can obviously be used on a temporary basis and so can their industrial cousins, aluminium framed temporary buildings.

The many labels of a temporary building

So what about the different labels that are attributed to all these various types of temporary building and how do you know which label fits which one? Often it’s down to people’s different perceptions and viewpoints, but in general you could apply the following explanations.

Modular and portable buildings usually refers to portable cabin buildings that are used for offices, classrooms and smaller public spaces. This type of temporary building is manufactured as a complete unit off-site, transported to site and simply craned into place, ready to go. Each unit could be referred to as a module and multiple modules can be linked together either side by side or on top of each other.

Event structures are by their very nature temporary as even a long running event will come to an end eventually. These buildings are usually referred to as temporary structures for events. They are less a building but more a structure that can come in different shapes, designs and configurations to create more of an aesthetic appeal than a plain industrial box.

Can the real temporary building stand up please?

Lastly, a temporary building is typically linked to a temporary industrial structure that can be supplied quickly and hired for temporary use.

These are industrial boxes that are engineered using an aluminium or steel frame. The aluminium frame comes with a higher degree of portability and flexibility as they are easier and quick to transport, install, dismantle and remove. They can however be used long-term as well.

If you asked Google to give you temporary building suppliers, this is probably what you would find.

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