When would you use a temporary warehouse?

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When, why and how can you use a temporary warehouse? When you need some temporary warehousing on-site of course. That’s the simple answer but there are many other times you could benefit from using temporary warehouses and for many other applications other than storage.

The quick answer to this would be when you need some temporary warehouse space!

However, given that temporary warehouses can be used for many other applications other than warehousing and that the speed of delivery and installation, coupled with cost are some of the key benefits makes the longer answer to this question a bit more interesting.

Speed of a temporary warehouse

Firstly, let’s consider the speed. A temporary warehouse can be delivered and installed so fast it can be used for emergency solutions after warehouse fires or storm damage. In-fact, in these situations a temporary emergency warehouse can be on site built and ready to use within days of the initial enquiry.

This speed is also very useful in other situations based around growth and commercial gain, especially as the fast build process keeps the costs to a minimum because no foundations are needed.

What if a new contract needed more storage space quickly? Or, if seasonal demand was more than anticipated and more warehousing space was needed quickly to capitalise on it? Or, more covered loading space was needed to accommodate new regulations or a new customer?

Space for most of these situations can be found by leasing an industrial warehouse off-site or building a traditional structure, but this means you will have to wait for any return. Choosing an industrial temporary warehouse however means the return will be fast, healthy and ahead of the competition.

Versatility of temporary warehouses

Next to consider is how the versatility would affect when temporary warehouses can or should be used. In effect, these structures create insulated or uninsulated large clear span spaces on your site.

Take out some walls and doors and you have a loading or storage canopy. Or, choose an insulated temporary warehouse, put in heating and lighting and you have a temporary workshop environment for machinery and workers.

All of these other uses for temporary warehouses can be supplied just as quickly so would be ideal during periods of unforeseen growth, improvement or just basic weather protection.

So in summary, a temporary warehouse would be used for pretty much any storage or operational requirement where speed, cost and flexibility is of the essence.

You can read more about when a temporary warehouse can be used here.

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